Hi fellows, is there a transparent filament that's able for acetone-smoothing?

Hi fellows,

is there a transparent filament that’s able for acetone-smoothing?

PAAM and PETG seem to be very clear, but I guess those aren’t able, are they?

I used Clear ABS & an acitone Vapor treatment

If you want to smooth with acetone your best bet is probably ABS

You could try clear PLA or PETG and do flame-smoothing instead of vapor smoothing.

How does it work? Just by a lighter?

@Chris_Bigpaws_Chambe ​ are there pictures of your result?

@Michael_Weber what I’ve seen for flame polishing (haven’t tried it myself) is to get a butane torch and really quickly wave the flame over the surface. The goal is to very rapidly melt just the surface without heating it through.