Hi everyone

Just wanted to say hi. I have been visiting as an unregistered user for quite some time now and decided that it is time for an account XD.
I love tinkering with microelectronics and am currently waiting for my newest “plaything”, a K40.
Outside of the web I’am in my last year of Med School and up to my ears in Corona right now, so I’am really looking forward to all the interesting ideas and conversations here to get my mind of things :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Forum Aurelia! :smiley: Please let us know if you need any help as you start your journey in the world of the K40 and lasercrafting. It is a lot of fun and hopefully we can help you avoid the common problems. Stay safe!

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We’re right in the middle of a big chunk of work putting together documentation on getting started with a K40 safely, so you got here at the right time! New to K40: Start Here

There are missing pieces and we’re still at work breaking it apart into individually digestible sections with the most important summaries in the “start here” document, but hopefully it helps!

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Thank you very much for the kind welcome :).
I already found the section on the K40 and am currently working my way trough it. There are already a ton of beginners mistakes I will avoide thanks to that documentation :smiley:


Please don’t hesitate to comment on those getting started documents where they can be improved. The person who is new to the topic is in the best position to point out what’s confusing about the material! Thank you for being a “beta tester” for this new presentation of getting started material! (I don’t mean to put a burden on you; just encouraging you that it’s actually a helpful contribution to point out areas that are confusing.)

I’ve been editing the documents, and don’t yet have a K40, but I’ve been heavily involved in running this site for a year because of my work rescuing the content Google abandoned from Google+, so I have some of the “curse of knowledge” and might not realize places where the documents could be improved.