Hi everyone,  We're currently building a modified (2m tall) version of the reprap Morgan.

(Daniel Aaron Bislip) #1

Hi everyone,

We’re currently building a modified (2m tall) version of the reprap Morgan. We’re pretty happy with the hardware so I started calibrating it today (guide: http://reprap.harleystudio.co.za/?page_id=1073).

At step 8 (the flowchart) after calibrating M360 and sending M360 again the arms do not move to the correct position. I believe this is in part because they lose steps trying to move in an impossible position, but it could be something else. I uploaded a video showing the problem.

One thing you should know is that due to the modified design, the arms are unable to home the same way as the original design. This also limits the bed size and movement in certain areas. Judging from moving the hot end assembly by hand we’d be able to print at least on a plate of 200*150mm, that’s if we can get it working. As of now, we’d be happy if we can just have it working, even with a tiny build plate.

I tried several home positions to prevent the arms from going to places they can’t reach, but this didn’t help.

One change we made to the firmware was using a different version of pins.h (so that this printer could work with Megatronics). Everything else, except the modified values in configuration.h, remained unchanged.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions and would really appreciate the help! Thanks