Hi everyone. Newbie here.

Hi everyone. Newbie here. Is there somewhere bare bones chilipeppr interface that resembles old TgFX. Or is there a way how can I create one in TinyG workspace? I find the interface on my small MacBook display overwhelming. I would like to create interface where all the non essentials for running a job are hidden. Like after we connect to JSON server, Serial Port JSON Server widget doesn’t need to occupy the space. I know these can be minimized but I would like to have them out of the way completely. I would like to have just axes widget and minimal (just controls) gcode on one side (no widgets on both sides). For example Serial Port Console Widget occupies a lot of space and I would like to have it completely hidden (recallable only when needed), or in some minimal single line version. All of the gizmos under Workspace TinyG section could be all in some second level menu. I don’t use any of them. Please do not use poison on your arrows if you get back to me. I am really appreciative of ton of work that was done, just looking to find a way to use the tool in a way that would work for me.

Well, here’s what I would suggest. ChiliPeppr is all bootstrap and jquery. It’s also setup in a way to let anyone easily fork it, edit it, and then publish their own workspace or just do a pull request to me via Github and I can publish the changes to the main workspace.

I agree with many of your ideas and have had similar thoughts, but I always side on adding more features than making the UI cleaner. You could easily tweak CSS to do much of what you’re after. You could also do lots of jquery tweaks where you move DOM elements to sub pulldown menus to clean up the workspace. You could simply start by moving everything to a pulldown menu item and apply a hidden CSS class to everything you want to hide. Then if people click the pulldown menu just remove the hidden class. That could get you 99% of what you’re after.