Hi everyone, me and Christian Filippi are working on a 3D printer.

Hi everyone, me and @Christian_Filippi are working on a 3D printer. It is in design and prototype phase and you can found some info on our blog:

What do you think about? We intend to release everything as opensource when finished. It is aluminum sheet metal frame construction with rods and linear bearing for movement; a cube of 400 mm edge with 200 mm edge cubic printing area. The XY is an H-Belt system with a Bowden extruder: the carriage is very light, so we hope to reach high speeds. The electronics is custom made, but based on arduino with marlin firmware and it is fully compatible and tested with slic3r/pronterface and Cura. We are not able to estimate the cost exactly, but we think to be around 1.2 o 1.3 k€, but we hope less… We intend to bring the project at the makerfaireRome. Thank you, any feedback will be appreciated (obviously compliments and also critics :slight_smile: :-))