Hi everyone. Long time reader,

Hi everyone. Long time reader, first time poster.

I thought I would share a quick little floor lamp project I worked up this weekend with a single Uno driving 2 x 1m APA102s w/ 144 LEDs each.

I wanted a torch like lamp with flames that looked like something from a bonfire. Thanks Mark K for the library and everyone else who posts questions, suggestions, and shares their projects. This community has been a wealth of information.

The floor lamp stand I picked up from a local hardware store. I originally wanted to use the rice paper shade that came with the lamp but it turned out to diffuse the lights too much. So I used parchment paper from the kitchen, rolled into a tube, and stapled to get the shade just how I liked it. I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Enjoy and thanks again.

That looks great. Nice amount of diffusion.
Are the two 1m strips mounted back to back?

Thanks Marc. They are mounted side by side on the pole. The pole is thin so they nearly wrap all the way around.

how have you splitted the fire code on 2 Stripes?

I followed the instructions for multiple controllers, set up a second CRGB array of leds, and then duplicated the fire2012 function and used that second array.

The FastLED flame effect is so realistic, I wouldn’t leave any project running near a window. The neighbors are going to call 911! :slight_smile:

LOL. No doubt!

WOW! It’s perfect, I whatched it 10 times! Thanks for sharing. what is the distance between the two led strips? It would be fantastic if you could show us the inside. how do you think it would look with 60leds/m strips?

Thanks Ahmad. I will post a picture of the strips mounted on the inside soon. 60/m might still look pretty good depending on how well it’s diffused. If you try it be sure to post up and let me see it!

I’ve ordered both 60/m and 144/m (ws2812b) led strips, I’ll share the result once they arrive. 144/m strips are a bit expensive. In terms of money, four 1m 60/m strip is cheaper than two 1m 144/m. I’ll try to test both. I hope I can get something like yours, It’s more realistic than real fire! :slight_smile:

Very cool Michael. would you mind sharing your code?
Icant find the multiple controller posts you’
re referring to. Thanks!

Cool. Keep me posted! I’ll share a picture of the leds in a few hours.

Hey Jon, here is the code: https://gist.github.com/mtwhitley/e2b04f5a034fac617d9c

Feel free to play around with the Brightness and FPS values. I had to adjust these based on my setup and power restrictions.

Thanks michael!

Ahhh! I see how you did that…
I don’t know why i had trouble understanding that… Thanks again man.

Ahmad, I posted a few pics of the strips mounted to the pole above. Good luck with your project!

Thank you Michael, you even shared the code! I’m wating for the LED’s from China.

How is the diffusor (plexiglas? frosted?) attached to the pole? Unfortunately I’m not able to see your inside pictures :frowning:

Great question. The shade/diffuser is made from rolled parchment paper. I used cable ties (aka zip ties) to create a frame extending from the main pole that the shade slides over. This holds it up. If you have any other questions, let me know. Thanks!