Hi everyone  In April,

Hi everyone

In April, I will participate on an information evening abut 3D printing in Zurich. The company name is http://3dmodel.ch.

My goal is to get the “beginners knowledge” about the whole thing. You know, what are the technologies and materials, what should a guy with an interest aquire and stuff. Does anyone know anything about this company? Is this a serous organisation?

Except for the FabLab in Luzern, they seem to be the only ones doing 3D printing in Switzerland.

Say hello to Christiane and Phil for me. They are awesome people and you will get a good education. They know their stuff. Here’s an article I wrote about +http://3dmodel.ch back in November - http://3d4printers.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/powering-the-next-industrial-revolution/

@John_Hauer Cool. Thanks. man!