Hi everyone  In April,

(Testa Atset) #1

Hi everyone

In April, I will participate on an information evening abut 3D printing in Zurich. The company name is http://3dmodel.ch.

My goal is to get the “beginners knowledge” about the whole thing. You know, what are the technologies and materials, what should a guy with an interest aquire and stuff. Does anyone know anything about this company? Is this a serous organisation?

Except for the FabLab in Luzern, they seem to be the only ones doing 3D printing in Switzerland.

(John Hauer) #2

Say hello to Christiane and Phil for me. They are awesome people and you will get a good education. They know their stuff. Here’s an article I wrote about +http://3dmodel.ch back in November - http://3d4printers.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/powering-the-next-industrial-revolution/

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@John_Hauer Cool. Thanks. man!