Hi everyone I'm new to this group and new to everything in the Cnc

Hi everyone I’m new to this group and new to everything in the Cnc world. I just finished building an ox, and I’m using fusion then chilipeppr I’m slowly understanding it. And enjoying it. My problem is when I start a cut I start my spindle ( Pwm setup ) as soon as the z axes drops the spindle turns off. And also is there information on understanding the four diamonds that pop up when you push the a axes button.

My guess would be you have your spindle settings reversed and you are manually turning on the spindle but when the M3 is reached in your Gcode it turns off the spindle rather than on.

On the four diamonds, not sure what you are referring to. Could you post a screenshot?

Ok good how do change my spindle settings to the right ones?
And here’s the screen shot just not sure what these are for. Also love chilipeppr very user friendly and your videos are extremely helpful too.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Those diamonds are the Work Coordinate System layers you can pick. Just turn them off for now because you don’t need them as a new user.

For the spindle, just reverse your PWM settings and you may find that you’re all set.

ok thank you thats a great help