Hi everyone, I'm a happy user of LaserWeb,

Hi everyone,
I’m a happy user of LaserWeb, and I want to thank all the developers who have spent their time to build this software!
I’m using LaserWeb with a laser diode (NDB7875) machine running by Arduino UNO and Protoneer GRBL shield, and I get very good results, you can see some of them attached.

I noticed when raster engraving is running the streaming goes idle for 1/5 of time and then goes running again, so every 5 seconds, 4 seconds is engraving and 1 second idle. I think this is a problem of Arduino UNO and the limited buffer for GCODE lines but I’m not sure. What do you think guys? I would like to reduce the idle time in order to reduce the total engraving time.

Thank you in advance!

Make sure GRBL is in laser mode…($32=1) Although I imagine you would be seeing more severe stuttering with that. Also assuming you are running LaserWeb4 and GRBL 1.1

+Michael Audette Yes, GRBL is in laser mode and it is 1.1 and of course LaserWeb4. I can’t say that I’m seeing stuttering while engraving.

What wood and settings are you using? That’s looking really good.

@David_Fruehwald Thanks! This is birch plywood, the settings are: line distance 0.12 mm, cut rate 1600.

Thanks. Your stuttering is probably due to the Arduino 328 used in the shield, GRBL pretty much maxes it out. You may want to look into a Cohesion 3D or similar board and GRBL-LPC.

@David_Fruehwald Thanks for the suggestion, what do you think about SmoothieBoard?

SmoothieBoards are good. Their layout and options can get complicated but once you get them working they work well.

@David_Fruehwald Thanks!