Hi Everyone! I was wondering if there are starter kits for building your own

Hi Everyone! I was wondering if there are starter kits for building your own 3D printer (using another 3D printer). Something like 1) a kit of all non-printable parts, 2) .stl files for printing the rest and 3) combining this with some metal or wooden framing.

That way you would only need to assemble the rest and your done. Any people with experience with such kits?

Thanks in advance!

I just ordered a tri-color Mendel kit from reprappro:
They have kits, with and without the printable parts, for the Mendel, Huxley, and tri-color Mendel. They have links to the .stl files to print the printable parts for each. I am not so sure about the framing (such a thing may not exist for these printers.)

Lots of people sell kits of vitamins (the non printed parts) on ebay and such like, and the .stl files for most printer variations are open such as the prusa2.


The reality is, that these so called ‘vitamins’ are actually most of the printer. Most of the parts that make up a desktop printer can’t be printed on a desktop printer.

On ebay you can find hardware kits. They contain all the metal parts like the bars, threaded rod , nuts ands bearings.

Also you can find electronics kits on ebay containing motors, motor drivers, microcontroller and wire.

I got most of my parts from http://www.makerfarm.com he sells lots of kits and parts.