Hi Everyone, I want lo light up 1st led but first 2 leds lit

Hi Everyone,
I want lo light up 1st led but first 2 leds lit up. same things happen for other leds, if i want to light up an even led, it works, but next led also gets lit. if I want to light up an odd led, nothing happens.

maybe your DATA line is broken . make sure you set in the arduino a currect LED number :confused:

Please give us more info to try to help you.

What type of LEDs are you using?

Upload your code to http://gist.github.com and share the link to the code.

you forgot to hook up the other wires. That’s your problem. Look into wiring and code for that particular strand.

@Scottie_D369 The loose ended white and red wires in the photo are extra - and + connection points (where power could be injected on longer multi-strip runs). Power looks to be hooked up correctly. Are you seeing something else missing?

Maybe it’s the code then you are trying to run. You have to try many to narrow it down to what works. I don’t own a strip like that but I have had issues in past and all I did was play around and look for many others code. Sometimes code won’t work cause not enough power. Or you have too many leds for particular code. Something isn’t addressing right.

as I see it has 4 wire Maybe your clock signal hooked up in a wrong port or both Data and clock

It is WS2812B, no clock. Both data in parallel

woow I never seen parallel data line… :open_mouth:

What do you mean? There is 2 data lines in WS2812B. Am I wrong?

well mine has only 3 DATA 5v and gnd
missing/deleted image from Google+

This is ws2812 I think.

@Murat_Yavas Can you share a clear close up photo of the strip connection solder pads so we can see the pad labels?

Tomorrow I will

as I know ws2812 and ws2812b has no visual difference only in IC . I think your 4rd line is the clock :smiley: can you make a closer photo? and what are the labels ?

Looks like WS2813, tried using that in the addLeds call as the LED_TYPE/CHIPSET?

missing/deleted image from Google+

Now I see they are ws2813

thats ws2813 . I think

For Ws2813 Both Data lines should be connected together to the same data pin on the Arduino etc. Ws2813 strip will work ok if only the DI line is connected and BI left disconnected, but in this config the first LED will not work as the chip expects the same data on both inputs. After each LED chip the BI line from the input of the first chip is directly connected to the DI input of the next chip (which is also connected to the D0 of the first chip. Therefore only one Data pin is needed to feed both inputs and is connected to both DI and BI inputs.


My connection seems appropriate.