Hi everyone. I stumbled upon chilipeppr yesterday when looking for cnc control software following

Hi everyone. I stumbled upon chilipeppr yesterday when looking for cnc control software following days of trying mach3 / linuxcnc and searching for other options. I love the idea of Chilipeppr running in the browser and connecting to a server on the network with a parallel port. Thanks for this awesome initiative.

I have built my own cnc machine for milling of 4x8 plywood. The hardware I have might be what doesn’t relate to chilipeppr, I’m just unsure.

I built with a Wantai motor/psu/controller/driver set which includes a DB25 Breakout Board as well as 4.2A ,DQ542MA stepper drivers
(link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Ship-No-Tax-to-EU-Customers-Nema-23-Wantai-Stepper-Motor-425oz-in-4/32604326987.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.oKP8Z4)

What I could figure out from all the videos I’ve seen is that GRBL and TinyG are brands of controllers where mine would be the DB25?

Will I be able to connect mine to Chilipeppr? I have downloaded the Json server which works and is being picked up by chilipepper in the browser.

Could you please point me to the right “getting started” video to connect my machine to the web based software, I could’t find anything like that specific to my hardware.

At the moment I’m running the Json server in windows xp, but will switch to linux as soon as I have more time to figure linux out.

Thanks in advance.

I recommend using TinyG as your controller and then just hooking up it’s XYZ step signals to your stepper motor drivers. You do need to use TinyG as your controller because ChiliPeppr talks directly to that controller and doesn’t know how to talk to other controllers.

BTW, no parallel ports are used. Only USB is used.

Thanks for clarifying John. Very helpful. Good job with the “weekend project” :smiley: Looks like it has really come a long way so far. It will definitely continue to grow. I will look into purchasing a TinyG board in the future.

For the beginning you may try your hardware purchased with grbl on ArduinoUno board. Interfacing with the DB-25 parallel port controller board is possible via this shield: https://www.tindie.com/products/Ron/grbl-to-db25-cnc-shield-with-arduino-uno-r3/ and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get running.

Once you get used to Chilipeppr more and more you will be able to switch to TinyG at any time.

There was an Arduino pinout change due to variable spindle PWM introduced in grbl 0.9 This is quite important, as pins 11 and 12 are swapped and one of those is Z-axis limit. I don’t know what version is supported by the shield by default and possibly you may need to follow the swap on your Chinese controller board to get compatible with grbl 0.9 and newer.

@Cornell_Swart ​​ GRBL, TinyG, TinyG2, Smoothie are firmwares that can each run on a set of boards (arduino Uno/Due, TinyG, Smoothieboard) controlling your motors, spindle etc… Then you drive these setup with softwares like chilipeppr, LaserWeb, bCNC…

Then, on your current DB25 breakout board, you could give LinuxCNC or MachineKit à try, may be with a BeagleBone Black as controller board…

Finally, would you mind sharing pics, specs and build infos about your machine please ? Have to build a 4x8 this year and would love to see how you did…

+Sebastian thanks for the board pointer, didn’t knew about it :+1:

PS: Do the community a favor and don’t buy a clone board from someone that cheat the Open source game…

I don’t think you can go wrong with the TinyG. It has really advanced acceleration control, and it was relatively to set up and configure. It should drive your NEMA 23 motors directly from on board. It’s at a bargain price as well.

TinyG logic is 3.3V and level shifters should be considered when connecting to 5V logic, which is possibly the case with Wantai stepper motor drivers. This remark applies also to ArduinoDue (TinyG2). Running ArduinoUno with grbl will be fine with 5V, no level shifters needed.

Didn’t notice all these new comments until now. Thanks for the feedback everyone! @Jeremie_Tarot which are the cloned boards, then I can avoid purchasing and cheating :slight_smile:

I will get back to this thread later to test the recommendations and to upload some pics about my build (very busy at the moment). Is there a specific place one should do such build showcase or do I just post here?

Thanks again

@Cornell_Swart most simple is to buy straight from the original creators @Synthetos ​, @Arduino ​, @BeagleBoard.org ​, etc and Smoothie has links to fair sellers on its website.