Hi Everyone, I just wonder what software you used for slicing with Eustathios or

Hi Everyone, I just wonder what software you used for slicing with Eustathios or HercuLien ? Thank you

I use Cura, and Simplify3D


Simplify3d…Cura won’t work for my machine

Is there a public Simplify3D setup file that we can use to accelerate our start to using the printer?

@jerryflyguy do you mean FFF profile file ?

It would probably be a good idea to collect a few sample FFF profiles from people in the community to get a database of known good parameters for each filament type. The items we would need to know are:

1.) What filament
2.) Any machine Modifications (ball screws, Bondtech, etc.)

The other things to watch out for would be if people have different controllers or different tuning on the controller configs that would make one printer behave different than another.

@Botio_Kuo I guess so? I’m not that far along yet, still waiting for the last of my printed parts. I’ve not bot Simplify3D yet but it’s my intention. All I know is there are parameter files that can be loaded for specific machines.

@Eclsnowman sounds like a good idea, no doubt there will be differences due to the custom nature of the builds. They would be a decent starting point, I’d think?

Any way to include this in the file site as a central holding point for the various setups?

@jerryflyguy the github would be best. But if people send me links I can get them added to the github.

You can also try craftware.

Happily using Slic3r. Take one of the recent builds, the official latest release crashes all the time on my systems (Windows 7/10).

Hi, simplify 3d here too. I have a FFF file with ballscrews, bondtech (fly extruder & bowden) if you want something to start.

@Maxime_Favre Hi Max, Could you sent this to me pls? thank you so much!! :slight_smile: I just buy simplify3D with student discount XD

@Maxime_Favre I am also running S3D and use ballscrews and bowden. Could you share your FFF file?

@Sean_B ​ Sure ! Note that you’ll probably need to tweak some value accordingly to your printer.

@Maxime_Favre thanks!!