Hi everyone :) I just got some love from 3Dprintingbuisness.directory who made a small

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I just got some love from 3Dprintingbuisness.directory who made a small article about my 3D-printing project with DSLR-cameras. I Know alot of you guys are into both 3D-printing (duuh) and cameras. I’d love to get to talk with a few of you, either publicly here in this post or by hangouts.

I’d love to hear what ideas you have and if anyone might wanna assist with knowledge when I’m making a Arduino stepper motor controller for the DSLRigger Slider. I’m not a programmer and have only made basic scripts before… I need all the help I can :slight_smile:


Hi @Anton_Mansson great project, I’ve been tinkering with ideas myself for my DSLR. What material are you printing in? Your page mentions problems with smaller parts, using Nylon may help solve that.

@Jon_Gritton It’s designed to work with PLA. But that said, the tighners are a bit optimistic to flex with PLA under longer period as i mention. I’d recommend using PET/PETG instead. Doing that can make a full build flex a little. My perfect balance is the Filamentive PETG-Carbon fiber. (or Co-Poly-carbon fiber from @colorFabb_Filament ). Then you get a little flex, but also rigidness.

The lack of material in the design on some parts have been updated and improved and don’t break any more. (This is the part that were an issue before: http://imgur.com/W1aWij8 )

@Anton_Mansson unfortunately, I’m still trying to find a good supplier of carbon-fibre here in the UK. ColorFabb wanted something like $50 shipping to the UK…

You should try https://www.filamentive.com/product/carbon/ then. I strongly recommend it and can give you a discount on 15% (i make som videos for them). Use code: anton15 if you wanna order. Just noticed it’s out of stock though :confused:

Hi @Anton_Mansson I’d like to upgrade my nozzle(s) to steel before running anything like this through it and at the moment I can’t have the printer offline long enough to do it.