hi everyone, I have an XY mapping question - I asked as part of

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hi everyone, I have an XY mapping question - I asked as part of my original post in a comment, but bubbling up here for visibility: https://plus.google.com/100869371889262109101/posts/RjfCCC7Ba3m

I’m using the base RGBShades code with XY mapping file, but with a 12x34 matrix with 200 visible pixels. When testing my WS2811 strings, some of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th string LEDs are not lighting up - any thoughts as to why? (possibly power?) I plan to inject power for each strand of 50 but haven’t done so yet. XY map code: https://gist.github.com/badgraemer/d3e011524fa72766ca5531271fcf96e7

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I think you should test getting some more power injected into the rest of your setup. You could start with adding one to the middle and end and see if that helps.
I also noticed that in your ShadesTable your numbering goes from 1 to 408, where I would have expected it to start at 0 and go to 407. It might still be ok to do it the way you have it, but usually arrays are 0 indexed (start with 0).

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Thank you Marc - I noticed that too after staring at the table again. :slight_smile: I fixed the numbering to start at 0, but still have the same issue with some LEDs in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th strings not lighting up. I will try the power injection next (though LEDs toward the end of the string seem to be getting power and cycling through the various effects).

I also thought of possibly creating an ‘all on white’ effect to turn everything on as white (or other color) as a test. The only other thing I could think of at this point is if the uint8_t data type is too small for my shades table array.

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Resolved (apparently): So I changed all of the XY map variables from uint8_t to uin16_t and that seems to have fixed the issue. I think it’s because though my visible LEDs are only 200, my array has values larger than 255, so they were too large for the data type of 1 byte. I still do plan to inject power for each string. Now on to more testing and assembly.

Does anyone know if there’s a 2D fire effect out there for a kind of ‘fireplace’ effect? i.e. flames originating from the ‘bottom’ of the matrix?

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And yes, try this one out by @Stefan_Petrick

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Awesome - thank you, sir!