Hi everyone, I have a problem with the BBB,

Hi everyone, I have a problem with the BBB, I updated the system using #opkg update then #opkg upgrade (and I think this upgrade was the problem), after a reboot the system seems to be gone. All the LEDs are on.
I don’t really know what to do, please any help will be sweet.

Also, the BBB is not longer mounted as a usb device, I guess the system is gone for good. :frowning:

You’ll need to reflash it. See http://beagleboard.org/getting-started.

thank you @Jason_Kridner

The opkg upgrade did the same thing to me, but it mimicked the symptoms of random power supply problems. I reflashed and it’s now 100%.

After re-flash can you use opkg upgrade safely or stay away?

I tried opkg ugrading several times after reflashing. Maybe someone else can get it to work…

there is some helpful info here:

I think you can only update individual apps for now.

i’m testing Ubuntu and it runs like a champ. go for it

Do you have a microSD card in the slot? I noticed that when mine was plugged in (even when it was blank), it caused the BBB to turn on all four LEDs and appeared to stop the boot. (I don’t have video out working yet, so I’m guessing on that last part, since I couldn’t SSH in after those four lights went solid.)

There seems to be an issue with doing a full update on the Angstrom image for the BBB. Try updating a few packages at a time.

opkg update
opkg list-upgradable
opkg upgrade <one_spiffy_package>