Hi Everyone,  I found the community from a video on Youtube.

(Lael Grant) #1

Hi Everyone,

I found the community from a video on Youtube. Just starting to get into CNC. Is there a place that has full documentation / primer on different CNC style machines, ballpark prices to build or anything like that? Trying to get my head around it all!

Has anyone tried / heard of someone trying one of the CNC machines off of Aliexpress? similar to http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2015-hot-sale-and-new-technology-Cnc-6090-Router-machine-and-cnc-6090-router/32299941929.html

(Max Kalin) #2

Hi @Lael_Grant
I bought my CNC machine (400x600mm) from China and I have been using it for over a year now.
There are no instruction whatsoever. The manual they send you with the machine is in poor english. Just like everything else bought from China.
The quality of the machine I have is pretty good.
For me it was easier and less expensive to buy a unit rather building my own.

(Lael Grant) #3

Thanks @Max_Kalin !

Do you mind sharing where / which seller you used and how much it was?

(Steve Slese) #4

I found building my own is a rewarding experience. Sourcing parts, designing and turning it on for the first time. Anyone can buy one but you get what you pay for!

(Max Kalin) #5

@Steve_Slese You are 100% right. If you want to build one and it is your craving and a hobby then yes. For others who want a working machine it is better to buy one built =)
In my case I just needed a router for work, so I bought one.

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(Lael Grant) #7

Thanks Alex & Steve, that’s great!

(Marcus Wolschon) #8

These machines are clones of the YooCNC/carving-cnc machines. They seem to have changed their name recently.

The clones are often using even worse electronics then the cheap originals.
Prepare to replace all the electronics if you want a modern (non-LPT) interface, proper (star) grounding and get rid of interferences (cooling pump on stepper power-supply,…).

(Lael Grant) #9

Hi +Marcus Wolschon, thanks for the comments. I’m totally new to this, if you are happy to give me a quick brief on what non-LPT, star grounding, etc are about I would be super appreciative!

(Marcus Wolschon) #10

@Lael_Grant check out my Blog. I have 2 of these machines and done extensive modifications to make them work reliably.

(Lael Grant) #11

ok, I found this: http://marcuswolschon.blogspot.com.au/search/label/CNC?updated-max=2013-04-22T22:00:00%2B02:00&max-results=20&start=20&by-date=false

but I didn’t see posts outlining what you replaced apart from the controller?

(Marcus Wolschon) #12

There are a ton more: