Hi everyone I am planning to get a 3D Printer, to learn the basics.

Hi everyone

I am planning to get a 3D Printer, to learn the basics. To find out what’s what and what’s what not and stuff. I have read a lot of stuff but I realize I need to experience this first hand.

I was told that it is preferable to have a dual-extruder-printer, so one head loads the “expensive” main material and the second would use a cheaper material to create the stability parts during printing.

I see RapMan can have a dual extruder. Any other low end printers that could have that? I found the Cubify Cube a nifty device but that seems to have only one head.

Any Ideas on how to start?

Dual extruded are nice but not necessary. The soluble support material, PVA, is actually more expensive and difficult to work with.

Define ‘start’ ? Start what ? Building a printer ? Printing ? Buying one ? Designing 3D objects ? What are your goals ?

here is great place to start the PDF of the Make’s 3D printer review http://cdn.makezine.com/make/pdf/Make_3D_Printing_web.pdf

Thank you Joe.

@Shachar_Weis My goal is to learn the basics of 3D printing as a user. What can I, John Doe, do useful with a home 3D printer? I am not a tinkerer or engineer or whatever. I am just curious as to what this is.

I have been at a seminar at http://3dmodel.ch and was highly interested. I have seen that with most small models, one can print little figurines and stuff. The really important things, like shoes, clothing and parts that save babies and eagles from death are printed from industrial machines.

So, I figured, I’d begin with a “small” one to learn what one has to do to get from model - be it downloaded or self modeled - to printed item. What factors (e.g. support structures) do I have to factor in, what can I - realistically seen - do and do not with such a printer and all that stuff.

Basically, I just want to get some experience for me myself and I.