Hi everyone, I am new to using Fast LED - I am looking to

Hi everyone,

I am new to using Fast LED - I am looking to produce a static gradient from one color to the other, no movement is necessary - just the gradient needs to display when powered on…

I attempted to explore using the Palette Knife tool, and have also reviewed the “ColorPalette” example sketch that comes with the FastLED library, and where I would replace the code in there with the generated code from Palette Knife, but still unsure where to start.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Only variables is number of LEDs and obviously the RGB values on either end of the strip.


Will this do?

And another example for you.

@marmil Marc - your code worked great! So it if I’m trying to have more of a gradient towards the middle of my strip, instead of spead out across the entirety of the strip, how would I add more solid colors to the beginning and end of the code?


You could use fill grad on a smaller range of pixels (that is in a ways from each end), and then use fill solid to fill in the beginning and end section with appropriate matching colors.


Another thing you could try would be FastLEDs gradient palettes where you can make your own. You can adjust where the tradition points are this way.