Hi everybody. This is probably going to seem like a lazy question,

Hi everybody. This is probably going to seem like a lazy question, and that’s because it is. I have the HercuLien BOM, but I don’t want to do math.

How much do all the parts come to to build a HercuLien? I’m Canadian, so it will obviously be a bit more once shipped, etc. I also already have a printer so I can print all the printed components.

I’m just looking for a ballpark from people who have assembled a HeruLien.

Thank you very much. I apologize for my laziness.

1500 minimum

Is that based on just a seat of the pants guess, or is that the range you paid to gather the parts for you to assemble one? I figured it’s in that range.

It’s what my total bill will come to once all the extras are ordered (i.e. top cover, panels, …). My bill is less because I have been stocking up OpenBuilds vslots and related OpenBuild things like a mad maker on a mission.

If you are willing to shop around, I think you can keep at at around $1200-$1500. Comparing to other printers of the same price range, this machine is much more solid (literally).

If I can do it for that price, I’m laughing all the way from the bank. :slight_smile: How daunting is sourcing all the parts? Are they mostly easy to acquire?

If you have none of the parts, it’s basically click on the link, count the number required in the bom (sometimes you have to multiply yourself since you need two sets but the Bom says: 2 set of 1 extruder), add to cart and check out. Mcmaster will tell you about duplicate entries. The stuff you buy from robotdigg will have a huge shipping cost ($70) but it arrives super fast and very well packaged from Shanghai. Misumi is solid provider. The bronze bushings might be delayed since I ordered the seller remaining stocks a few days ago. In short, it will take a few hours if you don’t want parts you already own. Otherwise, pretty much click add click add, checkout on several separate sites.

For the openbuilds stuff, I recommend going with the alternative link. It’s supplied by @Brandon_Satterfield ​ and he is a super nice guy who helps out fellow makers. You can get from the openbuilds store as well but Brandon also has the extruder, psu and other electronics. Might as well make it worth that one shipping.

Wow, okay. I didn’t realize it was setup so well. Thank you. I won’t be ordering in the very near future, so they should hopefully have time to restock. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL Lazy, brilliant! Market for prebuilt? :slight_smile:

Anybody who wants to kit this up and sell it can do it with my blessing. I just want the feedback so I can make my printer better :slight_smile:

I was more friendly joking at @Nathan_Buxton ​ laziness, after all a machine build is not exactly an armchair exercise :slight_smile:

Haha yeah. I’m not lazy for the build, just the math. Only because I had brain surgery in the summer. I would definitely consider putting together a kit and selling it. After, of course, I build my first one and help Eric refine the design (if needed).

Brain Surgery? Wow, ouch. Hope your better. Personally I’d have tried ibuprofen first.

Actually I’m not that bad at math, just really lazy. I still blame the laziness on the surgery :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know how much ibuprofen it takes to remove a blood clot, I’d guess a LOT.

Always takes a while (if ever) to get over surgery, but a blood clot on the brain…cant get more serious than that. Good to see medical science was able to put you right :slight_smile: Now go get an Abacus!

@Nathan_Buxton @Eclsnowman The BOM is good but there are some vendors that unfortunately do not sell/ship outside of the USA and you will have to look for alternative sources. I can let you know where I sourced them if you have any issues.

Thanks Marc! When I’m ready to take the plunge, I’ll get in touch. I’m hosting the 3d hubs meetup next week, are you going to come?

@Nathan_Buxton Thanks for the invite, unfortunately I am not available on the day.

@Marc_McDonald perhaps I should make the BOM a google doc so the community can add sources.

I just got done buying everything by sourcing from all places listed on the BOM and the bill is just north of $1400 USD with shipping.

oh but I haven’t bought the lexan yet, sorry. I think the last time I priced the lexan it was around $190 USD shipped.