Hi everybody...  I want to build my own printer from scratch using the Prusa

Hi everybody…
I want to build my own printer from scratch using the Prusa Mendel design.
First of all… Is it a good choice? Which iteration should I choose (it seems that v2 is much more explained)?
Any advice?
Thanks a lot!
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I would not build a Mendel. The problem is that with all of the nuts and threaded rod stuff gets loose a lot. Also it is hard for the machine to stay “squared” up per say. The prusa i3 is much better but you need a support frame for use. Definitely build a repeat though.

+1 griffin. If I where you i go with a i3 or mendel90. A mutch better design. An good beginner designs.

I’d recommend something along the lines of an ingentis or clone. An xy gantry is more efficient space wise, and moves less mass.

My prusa v2 was from kit. Quite a lot assembly, and frame calibration.
There are simpler designs and good for first printer, Next I printed and assembled wallace and smartrap, both much simpler to do with similar vitamins.

Yes I would Highly recommend a smartrap. That’s what I’m building right now.

Thanks everbody for the advices!

kossel mini is a much more better choice

I will tell you that it depends on what you want to print, in what materials, what tools you have available, what build size you want, and how much you’re wanting to possibly upgrade. But please, stay away from the Prusa Mendel.

I’m just transferring the funds for a Mendel90 kit from @nop_head Can’t wait!