Hi everybody, I finally managed to hook my Beaglebone black wireless and the replicape

(Roel Jaspers) #1

Hi everybody,
I finally managed to hook my Beaglebone black wireless and the replicape to my CNC hotwire machine.
I got the four independant axis running.
First I wanted to install machinekit on the BBW.
I spend a lot of time trying to inslall that on my board using some tutorials like:
https://github.com/sam0737/machinekit-replicape, https://github.com/airborneastro/machinekit-replicape and finally used the tutorial from here https://machinekoder.com/machinekit-debian-stretch-beaglebone-black/
I could get machinekit and the machinekit working but not in combination with the Replicape.
So finally I went back and installed Umikaze 2.1.1.
Because all I needed was redeem to "read the gcodes.
That worked, it’s a little bit strange using octoprint to run a 4 axis CNC machine but I only use the terminal and the loading of gcode files.
The 4 axis run like suppose to.
I wanted to use one of the heaters for my hotwire.
I tried M104 S50 to check if I could get some voltage on the HPB connector but this didn’t do anything, maybe because there’s no sensor.
Machinekit and Marlin use M3 for spiddle or laser. This is a PWM output to power a spindle. Is there a way to add this gcode to REDEEM so I can M3 on the HPB output and power my hot wire?
If somebody has a working image for machinekit and BBW/Replicape I would like to use it for my machine.

I thank you all for the help.

Roel Jaspers

(Jon Charnas) #2

You can definitely modify the gcode definitions so that the pwm used for servos corresponds to M3 instead. But the pwm outputs (x2 and y2) are limited in current, so you’d need an external controller for the spindle. I don’t know how you’d modify the code to use the mosfets instead to output a steady power pwm

(Roel Jaspers) #3

Thanks for your answer
I’m sorry I answer only now, I was away for my work.

I’ll look into that to see how redeem is handling the PWM on the servos.
I suppose the Heated bed Mosfet is also a PWM signal but this is combined with the heat sensor plus the pid.
Maybe I can change that signal from the servo PWM to the HeatedBed PWM.
I didn’t look inside the REDEEM software yet. If anybody else has an idea, please feel welcome to share.