Hi every, I'm completely new to this.

Hi every, I’m completely new to this.
I set up my tinyg and had it running fine with chilipeppr (not with motors)

I then went back to the instructions and realised i hadn’d done the coolterm thing nor had i installed the drivers.

since doing those things my tinyg is no longer talking to chilipeppr (or listening). It appears as normal as a port but no buffering numbers.

What do you think the problem might be?

Screenshots help. You don’t need Coolterm. Did you open the port in Coolterm and then lock it such that you can’t connect from ChiliPeppr? Screenshot would have shown us that and it would have shown us all your versions.

thanks for that, yes as soon as i deleted coolterm and rebooted everything worked fine.

The other question I’ve got is how do you get the serial-port-json-server up and running again on a mac after closing down the terminal window or restarting the computer?

Serial port JSON server is just a command line app so you need to download it and put it somewhere where you can re-open it at any time. Some people setup a startup script to launch it on boot as well.