Hi everone, Does anyone have an experience on Delta printers?

Hi everone,
Does anyone have an experience on Delta printers? Do you recommend them compared to Cartesian printers?

Cartesian printers are much more predictable. Delta (and polar) printers will have variable resolution throughout their build volume. We’ve seen that is is possibly to print decent quality with them for small objects, though I have yet to see any of the delta bot users post pictures close-up pictures of high resolution prints that are very wide (or just printed at the edge of the platform instead of the center where the resolution is relatively consistent). I would be very interested to see that.

I don’t have the impression that positioning accuracy is a problem in 3d printing at it’s current stage.

@Marcus_Wolschon That depends on what you’re trying to make. I’ve printed smooth, organic, high-resolution models for which it is an issue.

Actually, the delta robot positioning resolution is much higher near the edges of the printable area than in the middle. In my experience you can get better prints on a delta printer, or get the same quality but print much faster, because the mass of the moving parts is dramatically reduced.

@Johann_Rocholl the angular resolution increases near the edges, while the radial resolution decreases. Consistent layer height is extremely important for high-resolution printing, and a delta will necessarily have some change in Z error as it moves within a plane. How much error depends on the resolution, when when using belts should be roughly 20 microns per 1/16 microstep if you can even reliably assume them to be accurate. At .1mm layers this adds up to +/-10% error in Z position for every position on the (translated) X/Y plane. This error it mitigated by the fact that the error does not change with layers (if you’re 10µ too high at a given position in one layer, you will be 10µ too high at that position in the next layer, assuming perfectly accurate microstepping AND a layer height that is a multiple of the microstep size), so your layers planes will be noisy, but consistently so.

Due to radial nature of delta printers, do they need more processing power on the printer?