Hi! Does anyone know what central differential and front/rear differential I could use in

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Does anyone know what central differential and front/rear differential I could use in 3D 4WD Truggy? I got them printed in nylon but they don’t last. They begin to slip very fast and I can’t get perfect precision on such small gears.
A buddy from our local shop told that they looked familiar with Kyosho differentials but he couldn’t put his finger on it.
I really love that truggy and it seems to perform good but differentials are weak spots on my truggy. So, I would like to use “pre made” parts.

(Len Reinhart) #2

There are a couple of projects under OpenRC in Thingiverse: Almost all metal replaces the front and rear, but still has some plastic in the central differential. There is a project that fixes that: Metal Central Differential.

The metal central differential is from Hobby King and they use it for three of their four wheel drive vehicles. The 4WD SC (short track) is one their Trooper is another. I have ordered a differential assembly that is also used in those vehicles for the front and rear. The prices are competitive and the nice thing about the assemblies is that the output shafts bearings and couplings are all provided. The almost all metal approach uses parts that require the printed plastic to provide alignment so basically you are creating the encasing part that makes all these pieces an assembly and you have to do the fine tuning to provide alignment. I am thinking that buying the differential assembly will be a much more reliable approach.

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The thingiverse doesnt use spacers which is cool

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The thingiverse referenced above is the central one that doesn’t need spacers, the one that does is the front and rear, that is the one I am now looking to replace with an assembly. It is inbound and I will post as to outcome.

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Thank you all for your replys.
I will try that central diff out.
Len, when you get any info regarding to front/rear diffs, please keep me posted!