Hi, does anyone know how I could scan myself accurately enough to produce a little 3D

Hi, does anyone know how I could scan myself accurately enough to produce a little 3D version of myself?

Autodesk Catch, look it up for a cheap/free/easy way.

Here’s a post I did a while back, I’ve also done busts of friends. Curly hair might turn out to be pretty tricky :slight_smile:


kinect does a pretty good job with reconstructme. The command line version is free and not too annoying about it.

Autodesk Catch has its share of bugs. I’d be prepared to deal with issues. iPad seemed to be the most consistent upload to Catch. Read the forums first - I’m not a singular case in this complaint.

http://my3dscanner.com works in a similar way to Catch, has no issues with uploading (if you have a stable internet connection), but offers no adjustment to the stitching process.
I’d try both, sometimes my3dscanner gives better results, sometimes Catch.

@Paul_Chase Reconstructme has since released a GUI that is also free, the aptly named ReconstructMeQT.

Yeah, but the free gui makes you wait 20 seconds to save your mesh! Ain’t nobody got time for dat! The command line just makes you hit ‘y’ on startup, everything else works nice and quick :slight_smile: I know, I know, I’ll buy it in a few paychecks :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, can the Kinect do similar things as this - Go!SCAN 3D which costs about 20k! Could I scan my whole self with a kinect and then produce a fairly accurate mini me?

You can do that with a kinect, depending on how you define ‘fairly accurate.’ Accuracy is on the order of a centimeter on the kinect - your face will be ‘blurry’ but recognizable. That goscan thing is accurate to .1mm - 100 times better. There are tweaks to the kinect, but I don’t think you’ll ever get to sub-millimeter with structured light scanning.

I haven’t personally used this app, but its free. Supposedly more user friendly than reconstructme. Turns a Microsoft Kinect into 3D scanner (or you could just read the link, lol).