Hi DIY CNC guys.  Check out my latest project that I just made.

Hi DIY CNC guys. Check out my latest project that I just made. CNC machined billet aluminium iPhone cover. Cheers, Aaron (Melb, Aust).

Love the Mi-Sex soundtrack :slight_smile:

Thanks Pete, I thought the track was befitting with all the computer noises and analogue ring tones. Thanks for watching. Cheers, Aaron.

Looks good, but what about shielding effect of the signal?
Antenna is weak on the phone already, just hold it in your hand and the signal drops compared to one laying free on the table.
But still a nice job :slight_smile:

@Runar_Holm Hi Runar, yep you’re absolutely correct. The case impacts on my signal strength and I lost approx 1 bar on 3G and 1bar on wireless. Oops, back to the drawing board. Cheers, Aaron.

Yes I experimented with this idea a while back to mount an old Dell streak on my bike for sat navigation and music. Unfortunately it killed the GPS signal as you have found. Made it out of PVC instead with an aluminium backplate to act as a heat sink. Doesn’t look as good but it’s functional.

Hi Mark, yes it’s annoying when a design doesn’t go as planned. My silly fault really, as I read the research that suggested this would happen(signal loss). But just had to try it out for myself ;-). Cheers Aaron.

@geng_casper Hello Geng, how are you? I haven’t been very active on the internet of late. I do not have a business Geng. I am a high school teacher and I teach engineering. I mainly do CNC for a hobby at home. Take care.