Hi could some one tell me how could I get  Mark's Timecode  Performance example

Hi could some one tell me how could I get Mark’s Timecode Performance example to run Continuously as it only start if there is an in put of “r” in the serial monitor. tried disabling the following

//if( Serial.read() == ‘r’) RestartPerformance();

still no joy also tried the “From” and the “At” times changed to the starting and end time as below.

gLastTimeCodeDoneAt = 0;
gLastTimeCodeDoneFrom = 22;
gTimeCodeBase = millis();

any help would be much appreciated.

Try changing the the line from:
if( Serial.read() == ‘r’) RestartPerformance();


Thanks Marc
I tried that, No joy . would not even run once.
I tried below.

if (RestartPerformance);

still only run once.
trying to have few patterns to run on a timmed scale Marks example is superb if i could get it to run in a loop.

In the past, I’ve just added another step at a certain time that restarts the performance. Does that help?

Hi Mark thanks for your input
I just tried your link https://gist.github.com/kriegsman/a916be18d32ec675fea8

it still look the same. let me try by clearing my history.
do you know what line I need to change please.
thanks again

So at the bottom of the performance section would could you add something like this?
AT(0,0,24.000) { RestartPerformance; }

Hi Marc
tried that it does not work. thank again for your input I tried

if( Serial.read()!= ‘r’)RestartPerformance();
still would not work.

YES !!! Got It looping. Thanks Marc and Mark
had to put the below in the middle of the Performance,
FROM(0,0,24.000) { RestartPerformance(); }
for some reason I cant put it at the end but it still run the entire sequence.


Rock and roll! Can’t wait to see what you create with it!

Getting ready for Christmas!!!, I have done loads of stuff thanks to all the nice help-full forks here.I will post the some on the show your work soon.