Hi could some one be kind enough to let me know how could I

(Chithru Mihiripenna) #1

Hi could some one be kind enough to let me know how could I use the same pattern few times in the same program amount other pattern please.
For an example in the demo reel I would like to use the “juggle” pattern few times with different colours along with others, but I simply don’t know how to do that, When tries to call the pattern for the second time it gives me an error. Any help will be much appreciated.

(Andrew Tuline) #2

I would think that your best bet is to download examples you’ve found online and take them apart and understand them. I’d be starting with the examples that came with FastLED.

Now, if you’d uploaded your code to pastebin and provided a link to it, I’m sure someone could provide some pointers.

(JP Roy) #3

Your question made me think of +Mark Kriegsman Timecode Performance sketch from a while back. Here’s a link to that code…

Maybe that could guide you towards a solution.

(Mark Kriegsman) #4

Take a look at this variation of Demo Reel, which has some parameters for each animation.

(Chithru Mihiripenna) #5

Hi Andrew, Roy and Mark, I don’t know how to thank you all enough, this is exactly what I was after. also any of you have any recommendations for any literature I could find to learn a bit programming , as you can see I haven’t done much, as I need to get to the next step of understanding examples as to why this code is used and why?
again thanks a million.

(Mark Kriegsman) #6

Happy to help, and welcome!

(JP Roy) #7

Hi @Chithru_Mihiripenna ,

Just look for ‘Arduino tutorial’ on YouTube you will get quite a few with many that start easy for the real beginner and progressively get harder.

That is exactly how I started close to 2 years ago. I have not used any Literature per say so obviously can’t recommend any!