Hi Community, i'm from germany.

Hi Community,

i’m from germany. Can i buy Eustathios Spider V2 as KIT?
I am very impressed by the printer.

Thank you

There are no full kits available (it would really cool if a company put one together). But all the source files are available, and the BOM if pretty detailed for sourcing the parts yourself.

There is an Extrusion kit available from @Makeralot ​ ( https://www.makeralot.com/20mm-x-20mm-extruded-aluminum-for-eustathios-3d-printer-p207/ )

For the frame there is a local supplier in D called motedis, I used their 2020 type B profile for my Eustathios, you can order pices cut to lenght but you need to drill holes and cut threads yourself. Dold mechatronic also has some mechanical parts like 8 and 10mm colomns (Wellen).

Hallo Daniel,

vielen Dank für die Info. Hast du evt. eine Liste, wo du die Teile in Deutschland gekauft hast.

Vielen Dank für die Antwort im Voraus.

Grüße Bat