Hi. Anyone with experience using azsmz board and getting dual Y?

(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #1

Hi. Anyone with experience using azsmz board and getting dual Y?

(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #2

Got it working via parallel connection. I wanted to use 2 drivers in sync but could not do it via firmware

(Henri Harbor) #3

The X-Carve is just such a machine… dual Y Axis ~ I have my smoothie board running two drivers on the Y ~ one slaved (it’s a simple jumper setup and a change or two in the config). I will be glad to answer your questions on it. ;{)

(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #4

@Henri_Harbor ​ thanks. I assemble an xcarve frame also but my board is an azsmz and haven’t figured out how to clone the extruder to other axis. There are no jumpers that I know of as in the official board

(Henri Harbor) #5

Yea Hmmm I realize that… I assumed the board would have the jumper capability readily present ~ I have been trying to look for such on the schematics… that is your biggest hurdle ~ I went with the SmoothieBoard 4X for that very reason ~ as it has 4 stepper drivers and is easy to set up the jumper ~ jumped the Y(m2) to the E(m4) ~ easy to pin out for the jumper ~ if you solve that problem then it’s just a matter of the config file and if I recall you need to wire one of the Y motors reverse (I can look that up for you if you get to that) ~ on the config just be sure to set the Delta Current line ~ to match the Beta ~

delta_current 1.6 (use a correct amp setting for your motors of course) # Second Y Axis Stepper Motor

beta_current 1.6 # Y stepper motor current

Then wire the Right Y Motor to have it move in the reverse of the Left Y Motor (double check that ~ I am pretty sure it’s correct ~ been a while since I did that part).