Hi, Anyone knows where I could get 2020 extrusion in Canada ?


Anyone knows where I could get 2020 extrusion in Canada ? looks like its pretty hard to find…

Thanks !

Last time I looked I had a hard time finding any that sold in small quantity’s, You’re best bet is to order from China.

It possible to buy in Mirabel, quebec

It have 2 another compagnie

@Aaron_Kartash Yeah… 10 meters would cost a arm and a leg ordering from China I would bet.

@Denis_Seguin Thanks, there is not much information on there website, I’ll have to contact them. Anyone of you ordered som 2020 to make 3D printers ? (and cost)

@Jean-Francois_Coutur aslong as you’re not ordering really long lengths it’s not that bad. Let us know what it costs from that company.

Hello fellow Canadian! If you do manage to source 2020 locally, it would be great if you could share where and how much.


I did not call yet the places mentioned above. I was approached by a fellow repraper that lives in the US so we could look at the shipping…

turns out that on a average, it would cost arount US20$/1meter to send. (based on a 7 lbs box from USPS, contaning 7 x 1 meter segments). Not counting duties and money conversions.

Too bad because he has some great stuff on his website at great prices.

Another place would be Misumi. but I guess it would be around the same price… except, they pay for duty imports… so that’s a plus

Jean-Francois Couture
Email to contact,

I recall open beam had links to a canadian hobby shop that sold that variety of extrusion and accessories including nema 17 motor mounting plates.

@William_Frick I think you’re right. This is what I found (did a quick search) https://solarbotics.com/product/52600/ they are based in Alberta. 10$CAD / Meter

spoke to soon, these look to be 15/15 not 20/20 extrusions

1010 extrusion (1" x 1")
Is 32$ for 8feet at Faztek

If you some feet I’m live in Laval


I guess they dont have 2020 extrusion ?

I was goin to write to them.
i’ve already written to rpmotion. waiting for a feedback.

I think Yes, is 2in x 2in, on faztek
I buy conner bracket for 2020 but I don’t ask the price.

I buy, 1010 and 1020

rpmotion is more expensive


$132us for 10m 2020 in 1m lengths http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Aluminum-Profile-Aluminum-Extrusion-Profile-2020-20-series-20-20-length-1-meter-1m-L-1000mm/2048229294.html

@Denis_Seguin ok, When I say 2020, I mean metric, not SAE. 2"x2" is a bit to big to make a standard sized 3D printer :slight_smile:

@Aaron_Kartash That’s actually not that bad… i’d be curious to see if there are dutie fees on that shipping… my guess would be yes.

It’s possible you might get hit with duties, but it’s possible that you won’t it’s kinda a gamble from china, If you select a shipping method that goes through canada post the chances are less, and even if you do get hit it’s a hell of a lot cheaper then UPS/Fedex/etc. Canada post charges like $10 fee + taxes UPS takes your house, car, 2 arms and a leg.