HI All, where can I find the updated software for the K40.

HI All, where can I find the updated software for the K40. My old laptop died and bought a new one with Windows 10 and it dosent recognize the engraver or the software that came with it!!


What controller board?

Not sure, its the one that came with the machine!

There are two, a nano or Moshi.

I’ve seen a pic of a nano, but mine doesn’t have either name on it. Only Lihuiyu Studio Labs

Just can’t figure out why my new laptop running windows 10 doesn’t find it!

I’m just getting started and did not get a CD, and the orange metallic dongle is not mounting a disk on any computer I own (windows and mac)… My board is similar to Mickey’s except says M9

I think my USB stick went bad

The USB dongle does not mount like a disk. You have to look under USB in device manager to see it. If the computer does not see the board, it could be the board or the 5 VDC supplying the board.

I had the same problem. As far as I know there is no new software. I reverted to an older version of Windows to get it to work right.

Many of us are using Win10 without issues.

I’ll have to try again. When I tried before Win 10 was new, maybe updates have fixed it now.

The USB dongle is listed in Device Manager as “USBkey”" but I can’t access it.
Does anybody know where I might acquire another one until I do an upgrade?