Hi all, Today I printed off the Benchy model for the first time with

Hi all,

Today I printed off the Benchy model for the first time with my Geeetech I3 pro printer. Came out better than I expected but obviously not great. I’m not very experienced in 3D printing as this is my first 3D printer and wondering if anyone could take a look at these pictures of the print and tell me what I need to change in the settings: https://goo.gl/photos/qTSdx6Ndda2SrbMP7

It’s good that after all the videos I’ve watched of people printing out this model and wanting a 3D printer for ages that I’ve finally managed to print it off and physically hold it. Will also add that the PLA I’m using is some chinese stuff I believe no obvious name or branding except some Chinese writing on the label I got it with another printer I brought from a friend which doesn’t work and wondering if the PLA isn’t very good?

Does your printer have a filament cooler? Looking at google pics, it doesn’t appear to: You need to cool the PLA as soon as it extrudes. If you don’t have one, even pointing a table-fan at it during the print can help :wink:

I also see layers that appear under extruded every few mm of height. Maybe your filament spool is hanging up or your hot end is jamming a bit due to overheating?

yeah it does i printed one off yesterday however I’m just using a 40mm fan and doesn’t seem to do much maybe a 60mm fan will work better. I have noticed that even at 180c the pla I’m using oozes out of the nozzle when idle even at 170 during heating it does this so I may try bringing nozzle temps right down to 170 though printer firmware won’t allow extrusion if under 170 degrees but maybe this pla just melts too easily? Defo going to buy different pla and see if I get better results.

also probably a stupid question but why would the nozzle jam if over heated?

See this Reprap WIKI about hotend design and the transition zone.

As I understand and have seen from experience some filaments and hot ends (especially those using a PTFE liner) are worse together.

So I prefer an all metal hotend.