Hi All, Software in use.. Inkscape, JSCUT and Chilipeppr.

Hi All,

Software in use… Inkscape, JSCUT and Chilipeppr.

I am in the process of building a piece out with a series of holes predrilled with my hand drill. Unfortunately, the spade bit did not remain centered and drifted laterally and vertically. So, now I am trying to correct the issue, even if the hole is now enlarged… and no, I cannot discard the part and start over; it is actually the CNC work surface. My idea is to use my CNC router to correct the issue. Since the hole exists of some sort, I would somewhat center the end mill bit in the deformed hole and then proceed to mill the hole by performing an inside cut, thus rounding up the hole.

The problem is when I use Inkscape, the home position is not at the center of the hole but is offset. How can I get the home position at the center of the center of the existing hole?

Simple. hand code with g3.

Use fusion 360

Or give me the details and I’ll send you the gcode

@Paul_Shaw Thanks for the offer but I want to do it myself as I am trying to learn as much as possible.

This is a bit of code from a post below yours that does holes. It’s really easy to hand code holes.

(generate hole at x:60.9800 y:26.9800 with dia:3.0000 in 6 passes)
G0 Z1
G0 X60.48 Y26.98
G1 Z-1.5000
G3 I0.5000
G1 Z-3.0000

Fusion is free and has good cam. Heaps of help online so if you are wanting to learn that would be my recommendation.

Thanks for all your assistance.

I tried to run simulation as well as air run using Chilipeppr/GRBL:

G00 Z0.5 F1000
G00 X-10 Y0 F1000
G01 Z-1 F50
G02 I10
G00 Z0.5 F1000
G00 X0 Y0 F1000

The tool moves from the centre to X-10 Y0 then returns to the centre without moving along the circumference.

Why is this happening?

I haven’t received any response on this. Could someone assist? I really would be grateful.