Hi all, really generic question.

Hi all, really generic question. Given the boards and motors we are using, is their some software out there that can help us see our print job status as such, I mean our software already counts steps and must know at what layer height the part is…ugh I wish I never stopped coding…this would be such a nifty thing to have.But yes the question: is their software readily available to incorporate into our current components (regardless of mobo).: https://www.3d-printerstore.ch/images/product_images/popup_images/13592_5.jpg

I run all my printers from octoprint. With that there are several push notifications scripts, like Pushbullet:

And the Touch UI plugin for octoprint gives great info as well:

Thank you! I purchased octoprint, does the job :slight_smile:

purchased octoprint? You mean a PI3 and SD Card?

Yes, that’s what I meant haha