Hi all, new to this group.

(Shai Schechter) #1

Hi all, new to this group. I have a question:

We are looking to test our delta printers that run on smoothieware at the factory before they are shipped. So we need to use a tool like a tablet to quickly connect and disconnect printers (a laptop would be a hassle) and test them via USB cable.

Does gcodeprintr work well with smoothieware? Any suggestions?

Appreciate any help!

(Colin Rose) #2

I have no problems running gcodeprintr with smoothieware, as long as the smoothieboard is powered up before the tablet is connected. If the board is being powered via the USB connection you need a powered hub so you can apply the power before the USB host connection.

(Mathias Dietz) #3

GCodePrintr should work fine with smoothie. However if you find any issues then let me know and I’ll fix them

(Shai Schechter) #4

@Mathias_Dietz Would you be interested in writing us a custom app?

All we need (for now) is an app to send 1 command to the printer to execute a script that’s already saved on the MicroSD card. The script performs a factory setup routine for the printer before it is shipped.

If you’re interested, please send me an email at shai@deltaprintr.com and we can go on from there.