Hi all. New to 3D printing.

Hi all. New to 3D printing. I’m using Pronterface and have opened an STL file from Thingiverse. Pronterface goes thorugh a series of procedures and ends with => Infilling layers and then Out of memory! Assuming this is PC memory I have 64 GB ram with only 6 GB being used. Any ideas what the problem is? STL file is 10.6 MB.

Sounds strange… no idea…

Try reducing the number of threads. I have no idea why you would be unable to use all your memory, but dropping thread count from the default 2 to 1 should make it work unless you have one huge file.

Check the file if it is manifold.

Download the free version of Netfabb and open your model with that. It will give the option of repairing and then exporting a fixed version which might work better. 
Also, try Repetier Host instead of Pronterface. It has a very nice 3D preview mode and has Slic3r integrated as well.

I back that! Netfabb studio is free for download an has fixed all my problems upto now.

Thankyou all for your comments. I’ll give those a go. It isn’t my STL. I downloaded it from Thingiverse. Surprised to be having trouble. Again, thanks.

Can you let us know the number of the thing on Thingiverse? (It’s in the web address) Then perhaps we can check it too.
Also, it would be interesting to know the principle settings you are using for slicing. I’m guessing you’re still using skeinforge.

Richard, number is 44505. Buggered if I know about ‘skeinforge’. The program is Pronterface. When I start the Slicing Settings the console starts with “Entering skeinforge settings: Slic3r/slic3r.exe --load Slic3r/config.ini --ignore-nonexistent-config”. The Pronterface install came from the maker of Eventorbot and it is pre-setup for that machine.

OK, so you’re using Slic3r. I just had a read through all the comments for that thing and it seems that several people have also found it difficult to slice using Slic3r and Cura. Dizingof recommends reducing the number of triangles using his decimation method.
BTW, ambitious choice for a beginner! I hope your printer is well tuned. Good luck.

Thanks Richard. I wasn’t going to print that as my first attempt. I haven’t even got the printer assembled yet. Rather I was just wanting to see how the software worked.