Hi all, My tiny g powered machine is stopping all of a sudden in

Hi all,

My tiny g powered machine is stopping all of a sudden in the middle of a cut. I’m pretty sure this is a memory problem. For example, when I restart my computer it cuts the entire piece. However, when, without restarting, I try to cut the same piece a second time it stops midway through. Any thoughts on this?

I adjusted the pre-upload settings int he chilipeppr gcode sender options dialogue box but to no avail. I increased my pre-upload to 10,000, multi-line to 1000 and the delay is 1000ms (1s). I flushed the cache in my firefox browser. No dice. (btw, this also happens in chrome.)

I have attached a video of part of the cut just four your reference. It does not show the sudden stop, just the type of cut I am making. Any help you can lend would be really appreciated.



@Kevin_McNally turn off the 3D viewer, I’d bet the next cut goes all the way through.

Right on. Will do it now. Thank you!

Just gave it a shot and it was much better…Almost made it to the end of the routine but stopped with a few inches to go. I wonder how I can get this to the end. Obviously I need to open up some more memory here. Is there a scratch disk that chilipeppr is using? My RAM is already maxed out.These are not tremendously big files. This one in particular is 9kb. Super small…

It would be more helpful to see a screenshot of your interface to see all your settings.

Hi John,
Here you go:

There’s no option to share images in this comment box so I just posted a picture in the main feed.

let me know if you need any of the boxes expanded.