Hi all! Many thanks for this amazing software! I can do almost what I

Hi all!

Many thanks for this amazing software! I can do almost what I want with it, and my EleksLaser A3 Pro (grbl 1.1f).

But I have two questions.

1- I can’t make “Check size” working. When I click this button, tool head move and draw the rectangle in witch there will be the work. But laser doesn’t fire. I have tried many values in “settings/gcode/check size power” with no results.
Laser test works.

2- Here is a video to explain the other question : why the tool head slow down while changing drawn figure? ie: laser draw a line, stops a while, draw an arc, stop, another arc, stop, a line, stop… and so on…
Here is a link to the file I use : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X9Ba_c5KRuSBW4oT_Pf87hwYUN3uW__n

I use Laserweb 4.0.991

Many thanks for your suggestions!



For your issue number 2 most likely youe path ( line ) is broken or not a single continues line. You need to join them in your drawing software first

Thanks for your answer!

Before : the speed was the same but there were stops between path.
I have joined lines to make them continuous as you mentioned it : now there are no stops between pathes. But now the speed is slow in the arcs, until I put “0,1” value in “segment”.

Any idea?

@Guillaume_Clochard theres a field called segment in operation. Place a value of 0.5 there and generate again. Make sure the arc shape is not changed

That’s what I did, all is ok.
But I like understand things…
Why the drawn time of arcs were ok when the arcs were “alone” (but with stops between them), and now the same arcs, joined ones with others, the speed is very slow and there is a need to modify the value of “segment” field?
That’s a mistery for me…

And for my firts question, I read that others spoke about it in another threads. But I can’t find solution. Why the laser doesn’t fire when checking size? There is a value to put for laser intensity when checking size, so I think laser should fire up? Am I wrong?

@Guillaume_Clochard the arcade depends of the software you draw. Some software will break an arc into small segments, so the segment field just discards values bellow the value you out.

For the first I cannot help you know as I’m away on a business trip until next week. Maybe @cprezzi can help with this

I think we still have a bug in the CheckSize function that doesn’t switch the laser on even if the CheckSize Power is configured. A workaround could be to click LaserTest before CheckSize (not sure if that works).

That is what I do : “tool test power” set to 1% and “tool test duration” set to 0.
Then I click “laser test” and “check size”, and when finished “laser test” again to shut off laser.

But it could be nice that it could be done automatically when clicking “check size” :wink:

Many thanks @cprezzi and @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty for your answers, I can understand more things now!

I have a very similar model and yet I still have work to do, to make it a usable system and that is with a C3D board