Hi all. Made a vid+writeup of why I'm packing down my Reprap,

(Jens Chr Brynildsen) #1

Hi all. Made a vid+writeup of why I’m packing down my Reprap, what I’m replacing it with and what I learned from the project. Hope it’s of interest as it’s been a 4.5 year long project that have taught me a lot!


(Kevin Danger Powers) #2

Interesting video. It’s crazy the amount of time you can sink into a 3D printer. I’ve been printing for about 2 years now and I still have a lot to learn.

(ThantiK) #3

I’d keep it around instead of dismantling it unless you need the parts for another printer. It’s not worth as much dismantled.

(Jens Chr Brynildsen) #4

@Kevin_Danger_Powers Yeah. I built an Ultimaker Original kit first and that was easy-peasy. Building from scratch really did teach me a lot.

(Jens Chr Brynildsen) #5

@ThantiK If I had the space, I would certainly do that. There is however one core advantage to taking it down - the parts will be free for other builds. I have always thought about building an Ingentis-style machine :smiley: