Hi All Laser fill path.....The option is made available when I load a DXF.

(Doug Reed) #1

Hi All
Laser fill path…The option is made available when I load a DXF. I have tried a variety of settings and still cannot get it to work. I am using R12 DXF with 0.1mm Line Distance, 0 Margin, 500 Feed Rate and 100% power. Laser Cut produces usable code but there is no result for LFP. Laserweb version 4.0.996
I can see that others have used this setting but I cannot duplicate their results… Help please.

(Joseph Alexander) #2

can you share the dxf so that we may check it out? will help troubleshoot your issue.

(Doug Reed) #3

Sure…I can see a link icon below…but how to use it??

(Joseph Alexander) #4

share it on a sharing site then just add the hyperlink to your message and it should link, at least thats how it seems to be done(i dont link many files myself heh)

(Doug Reed) #5

OK…this may need some setting up …will post when done. thanks

(Doug Reed) #6

OK…If all is right then this should link the file , I hope…

(Roberto Fernandez) #7

@Doug_Reed the poly lines are open. Join each drawing in closed polylines.

(Doug Reed) #8

I have tried all available save settings in Solidworks 2012 and the best I can get is the round holes coding, the text and rectangles just will not code, I have even created a drawing from the model and it also was rejected. It maybe that there is something specific in SW12 DXF format that is not compatible with some options as Laser cut works perfectly even Laser raster merge gives me a line cutting code in Raster, but Laser Fill Path, Laser Cut Inside and Outside do not work for me. Any thoughts

(Roberto Fernandez) #9

@Doug_Reed I have not expience with solid works, I use qcad. I changed your file a bit, closing the polylines. Is this that you want to do?

(Roberto Fernandez) #10

Your file@Doug_Reed your file changued:

(Doug Reed) #11

@Roberbike Mate
Thanks , that now works.
I have researched this and have found that it is a problem with SW12 and maybe later versions also, there does not appear to be a way to close polylines, which I find odd. So my next question is obvious, how did you do it and what tool was used??

(Doug Reed) #12

OK, SW12 will not produce a usable DXF for Laser Fill Path, but there is a way to modify the DXF thru DRAFTSIGHT, I used 2017 SP1 version.
1/. Open Draftsight and open the DXF…obviously.
(click any entity and only it will highlight)
2/. At the very bottom, LH side, type PEDIT and enter.
3/. Type M (uppercase) enter.
4/. Select all the entities to be converted, enter.
5/. Type Y for yes, enter.
6/. Type J for join, enter
7/. Enter 0 for the gap tolerance, enter.
8/. Press ESC to exit command line.
If you now select any entity you will see that it includes all attached entities, the drawing now contains ALL closed polylines.
Save the file as R12 ASCII Drawing(*.dxf) important.
Now load this file into LaserWeb and it will work with Laser Fill Path.

(Doug Reed) #13

PS:Laser Cut Inside and Laser Cut Outside now also work.

Hope this helps others