Hi all, just wanted to let you know that I just officially launched a

(Frederik Deryckere) #1

Hi all,
just wanted to let you know that I just officially launched a dedicated LAYZOR website.

For those that don’t know, the LAYZOR is a complete rebuild of a K40, but I recommend you read the full story on my blogpost:

and the website itself:

(Chris Hurley) #2

So will you be selling compete units?

(Frederik Deryckere) #3

I will sell kits if there is enough interest. I may post some sort of waiting list and when X people sign on I can make a batch.

if you mean completely built units, no that would be nuts for me :wink:

(James Rivera) #4

Feed through slot of 20mm? A bit tiny! :wink: (you have a typo)

(Joseph Alexander) #5

@James_Rivera I’d imagine that is in reference to the height of the slot, not the width(as it says full width). Plus how often will you use boards thicker than 20mm? :stuck_out_tongue:

(James Rivera) #6

@Domm434 Doh! You’re probably right! 🤦♂️ (it’s late and I’m tired)

(Frederik Deryckere) #7

that is correct :wink:

(Jeff Kes) #8

Will you be sharing the design files or only selling the kits?

(Frederik Deryckere) #9

You can pre-order the plans here:

(Jeff Kes) #10

Cool thanks for the response.

(Tony Sobczak) #11


(Jeff Kes) #12

Can you provide a STEP or parasolids file also? I opened it in SolidWorks and all I got was the parts and no panels or table. I’m sure this is a translation issue. Thanks

(Frederik Deryckere) #13

Hey, I’ll see what I can do, but I tried it just a moment ago and my laptop ran out of memory and crashed. The file is extremely demanding even for my high-end pc…

(Jeff Kes) #14

@Frederik_Deryckere any luck?

(Frederik Deryckere) #15

not yet, I’ll have to try on my desktop pc as my laptop isn’t working out… Give me a few days :wink:

(Jeff Kes) #16

@Frederik_Deryckere no problem

(Frederik Deryckere) #17

Hey @Jeff_Kes , I managed to export (turns out Rhino defaulted to opening that specific file version in 32bit, which caused the RAM issue) But alas not everything got exported, and opening the step file took about half an hour building the meshes. Then when opened it ran terribly. So it really needs to be opened in native Rhino format or else it just gets too demanding for even a well specced pc. Sorry but you’ll need to find a workaround. I tried :wink:

(Rene Munsch) #18

just a question: Your Plan is really cheap. But, what will the Lazor cost at the end, with all suggested components?

(Frederik Deryckere) #19

@Rene_Munsch i suggest reading the faq on my website. Can be done for about 500 euro but depends on what tools you have access to.