Hi all just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to all the cncer's

Hi all
just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to all the cncer’s out there.
I am new to using chilipeppr and like it heaps thanks John.
I am having a few teething issues with my new first time build and wondered if anyone can give me some direction, I have a OX build with NEMA 23 steppers and tinyg running wireless from a R PI with spjs and all seems good until I try to run a job with more than say 40,000 lines.
Am I expecting too much to run a job of that size or is there some configuration I need to attend to?

I have tried various settings on the buffer page from within chilipeppr prebuffering and all works ok untill I load a large job.

is there anyway to control the flow rate from spjs to the tinyg, it appears to overload the tinyg buffer and it stops and becomes unresponsive, resarting spjs and resetting the tinyg recovers the tinyg to a working state and I have to restart the job, should I cut up large jobs into smaller chunks?

any advice would be appreciated.

I am currently using the tablet workspace as the tinyg workspace will still not load for me in internet explorer.


I’ve never heard of anyone having success running ChiliPeppr from Internet Explorer. Why not just try Chrome? I bet that would solve all your problems. I highly doubt this is buffering issues.

Thanks John I’ll try chrome tonight, cheers