Hi all, I'm using grbl v1.1 on 3 axis CNC ( sienci.com ) with

Hi all,

I’m using grbl v1.1 on 3 axis CNC (http://sienci.com) with arduino uno+cnc shield.
All wiring should be okay, and already connected to cillipeppr.
The problem if the motor won’t move.
Any advice?

I think we need more information than this. A picture would help, or what you’ve done already to wire it up? Or is it just one motor, but the others work?

I’m using chillipeppr as the gcodesender. I see some response when I’m clicking on the chillippeppr means the arduino and the chillipeppr has been connected through my computer com port.
When i try to move by “JOG” feature, the motor wont move.
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What happens if you jog manually by entering a command in the serial box?
$J=G91 G21 X10 F200

no response, by using chillipeppr

Can you define what you mean by no reasonse? Was there no response in the serial widget? (Assuming you had verbose mode turned on for debugging you should see responses from the Uno).

Or do you mean there was no physical response from the board? If the latter then perhaps your limit switches are being triggered or perhaps the board is not functional or not wired correctly to the motors.

I assume the arduino has been connected to the software (UGS/Chillipeppr), because when I’m clicking to move by using JOG, there is led blinking on the arduino.
The problem is the motor don’t move.
Hereby i attached the photos of my wiring.
Please help me to troubleshoot this problem since I’m still beginner in this sienci.
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missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

you may be better off directing your questions at the maker of your controller.

I have no way of knowing from here whether you have wired your motors correctly. or even if they are the right motors for the type of controller you have (although they look like standard bipolar motors).

is proper power for your motors getting to the shield (take a multimeter and check that the motor voltage is there)?

as said - check with the maker of the controller. they are best placed to assist you I’d guess.