Hi all, I'm looking to get some 60Led/m 2811 Strip and a SD Card

Hi all, I’m looking to get some 60Led/m 2811 Strip and a SD Card controller to display some images. I want to set it up as a 1 raster ‘screen’, @ 120led tall (2m) and swipe it across a camera during a long exposure. This of course has been done before. http://scott-bot.com/led-light-painting/ I’ve looked at the LEDedit2013 software and there is no way to load and convert an image into rasters, you can screenshot / record and run the box over an image etc, but that is terrible. What I would like to do is have a utility to convert an image of given height to a .led file I can copy to the sd and just use. Does it exist? something that can run on my mac would be nice… but I can also handle windows / linix with a VM.

Also has anyone purchased from Gree-leds.com, they seem to have good prices, is there are better option?


Are you talking about creating a POV system, with one single, vertical line of LEDs flashing the picture? Look at some of my earlier posts to see what I mean. See if it’s the same thing.

Yeah, that’s called Persistence of Vision (POV)… There are lots of resources about to help… I may try it with a hula hoop soon.

Yes Ashley that’s it. I have worked out I can put an image through adobe flash on a 1px stage and use the outputted swf to import into lededit2013, which gives me what I need gamma corrected, so now all I need to do is order some LED’s and SD controller, I’m considering the 144LED’s/m to go Hi Def

Uh, what is this ‘lededit2013’ that you’re talking about?

I made a vertical POV display using total control lighting LEDs http://youtu.be/OUcC9AE56Y0 . I used python and the PIL to create some fairly well compressed image representations in stack memory for the arduino mega. The next year I switched to using a beaglebone.

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I’m working on a similar project, but it reads BMPs directly from the SD card. In your case they’d be 120px tall, by N pixels wide.