Hi All! I'm in the process of building a HercuLien and am in need

(Luis Pacheco) #1

Hi All!
I’m in the process of building a HercuLien and am in need of the printed parts. Would anyone here be willing to print me two complete sets of the printed parts? I’m located in Tampa, FL and am prepared to pay for parts and shipping.


(Daniel Salinas) #2

Are you building 2 of them???

(Luis Pacheco) #3

Structurally I have the parts for 2. Some electronics I have only purchased for one and will be purchasing the second set at a later date.

(Daniel Salinas) #4

That’s a lot of printing :slight_smile: In my experience its about 1.5 to 1.75 spools of abs to do one set so you’re looking at 3 to 4 spools of plastic.

(Luis Pacheco) #5

Did not know it was that much! I’m willing to pay it regardless but if it’s easier for someone to do one set I can always build the first and print the parts for the second from that one.

(Ben Malcheski) #6

I could print them on my Stratasys machine. It’ll cost quite a bit more than a few typical rolls of filament though.

You’d probably only want to get one set to save. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll quote it out for you.

(Luis Pacheco) #7

If you could give me an overall cost I’ll definitely consider it.

(Ben Malcheski) #8

I ran the numbers. Unfortunately because the cost of the material for my machine is so high, you are going to think I am crazy. I would have to get about $450 for printing the essentials of one set at 100% infill. That doesn’t include spool holders or things you can get by without. Some of the parts could be printed with the sparse infill setting, which I estimate at about 20%, to save some but you would have to tell me which ones you would be ok with that on. Some of the parts do have some really thick sections that I’m not sure if so much material is necessary on. We might be able to get the total down to around $350.

(Luis Pacheco) #9

Didn’t realize it would be so much, but sounds about right for being out of a stratasys. I’ll have to pass at that cost and find another route. Do you know if PLA would work for short term? I could print them myself but I can only print them in PLA and would rather have them in ABS.

(Ben Malcheski) #10

@Luis_Pacheco Understandable. You should be able to temporarily use some PLA parts. You will just have to be careful that the enclosure doesn’t get too warm inside. I would recommend any plastics touching the bed or hotend be made out of something with a higher Tg.

(Ben Malcheski) #11