Hi all, I try to use LEDText but my text "SCROLL LEFT"  is scrolling

Hi all,
I try to use LEDText but my text “SCROLL LEFT” is scrolling right …
Anyone who knows how to change Text and Scroll direction?
I did try leds.HorizontalMirror(); but could not see any effect

Sorry for the bad Image


You’re referring to @Aaron_Liddiment 's add on text class correct?
It might help if you can post your code to http://pastebin.com

And how did you layout your matrix? Is it wired in a serpentine or zig-zag fashion?

I imagine your matrix is wired with the first LED in the bottom right? If this is the case you need to invert the X axis by putting a minus sign (-) before the Width value in the cLEDMatrix definition.

The LED’s are wired in horizontal zig-zag fashion. I use the TextExample1 from Aaron. And adapted only my MATRIX_WIDTH 60 and MATRIX_HEIGHT 25.

@Aaron_Liddiment It could be wired also top left but then the text is upside down. gonna try the (-) sign. Thank you!

In a similar manner if your first LED is top left you could put a minus (-) sign before the Height value in the cLEDMatrix definition to invert the Y axis.
Basically the minus sign will invert the relevant axis so that you can always keep the bottom left corner as 0,0 however your matrix is wired.

I had similar problem with neopixel matrix. Changing layout to vertical solvers the problem.

@Aaron_Liddiment Thank you it work’s. I think I have to change something in your code to make the text scroll the full hight. Do you know about a library to show a animated gif or a simple pixmap ?

Yes, you set the area and origin for the text when the cLEDText Init() function is called. But it is the font data that controls the size of each letter, if your area is larger than the font data it will display multiple lines.
If you check out my github you will also find my CLEDSprites, it doesn’t accept gif image data but does give a way to easily program 1-15 colour images with multiple frames for animation.

@Aaron_Liddiment Hi budyy. I am trying tu use a 255 font set, do you know or have idea how to use with your text class? I already can use the normal chars, but with ñ, é, á, etc only garbage is displayed. Thank you :slight_smile:

Am not sure what you mean by ‘255 font’, but if you mean a font with 255 characters defined then it should work fine, though you will not be able to use the special char codes for changing options in the message once UpperChar goes above 127.
One thing to check is what character code the compiler generates for the ñ, é, á, etc, and that these match with your font data.

Hi buddy, thanks for the advice. Yeah is a font with 255 chars. I already matching my font data. Now I wanna send strings and commands from serial port to control the text to show, the colors and the scroll direction. I am trying to understand your code.