Hi all, I need help ! Lost my system disk drive and had to

Hi all, I need help ! Lost my system disk drive and had to reload my Ubuntu 12.04. Can’t get pronterface to install or run. The Slic3r latest won’t install either despite multiple tries. Is there a linux wizard among you all ?

Got it !
Brain Fart

You must leave more details for the poor souls who, in the future, will Google this very problem and find your post.

@James_Britt True, I should have … forgot to use a shell script to launch them. I don’t spend enough time at the command line to remember the stuff !

I wonder if pronterface and slic3r will ever get into debian.

Not in the repositories yet but I managed to re-install. Haven’t managed the pronterface run from source yet :frowning: Ubuntu is a Debian derivitave so it should work for you.

the guys at reprap-pro have versions of 64 bit slic3r that run in win 7, Ubuntu, or Mac bundled with printrun. the reprap wiki http://reprap.org/wiki/Printrun has a good explanation of the install for several flavors of os.
here is a link to the github for the pre-compiled versions.

@William_Frick do a “history > pronterface_install.log”. Then go through that file and try to figure out what you really did. It is easier than you would think it is.

@William_Frick Yes, it works on debian too but I prefer package management so updates don’t take that long and I don’t have to look stuff up or think “it’s full moon, maybe there’s an update for that special program?”. :wink:

@Frank_Rey Thank you, I hadn’t thought to look there. After this episode I’m making hard copy notes in my Mendel 90 manual ! I have the precompiled Slic3r running and pronterface as well now.