Hi All, I managed to get two full flights done at this beautiful location

Hi All,

I managed to get two full flights done at this beautiful location (the full flight shown was my second flight), the air was very calm inside the ruins but unpredictable near the windows and walls. I had so much fun flying through the windows but some had to be left alone due to plants and ivy.

Normally I stand while flying FPV, Sitting down makes me rock all over the place as you can see in the video, during calm moments in the flying I have to reset my body position. No props were harmed in the making of this video :wink:

The extra shots and time-lapse are taken using a Mobius (normal lens) and a GoPro Hero 3 Blk Edt.

Best viewed full screen 1080p

Amazing flying skills, scenery, and machine! Props man! (Pun intended)

Could you tell me a little about the equipment you are using? I think after watching this video I just found a new hobby. I used to fly RC planes and have been thinking for years that I needed a quad copter - but this pushes me over the edge.

@Rex_Linville I know what you mean, I watch a video near the end of 2011 of FPV and something just clicked, I needed to be doing this and I have had so much fun ever since.
My setup is:
Real FPV Spanky Mini Quadcopter frame
Acro Naze32
ZMR 2400Kv 1804 motors
5"x3" carbon RCTimer props
12 Amp Afro ESC’s
1400mAh 45C 3s Nano-Tech Lipo
Taranis Tx
Fatshark Attitude SD googles
Fatshark vTx and vRx both with Skew Planar antenna
Sony PZ0420 FPV camera
Mobius Wide angle lens

let me know if you need any more info as I am happy to help :slight_smile:

So it looks like the goggles can double the cost of the setup. Is that right? Is there a cheaper way to go on the goggles?

Also, did you start flying FPV, or would lit make sense to build the small quad first, learn to fly it, and then add in the FPV? Like I mentioned, I used to fly RC planes, I have flow helicopters a little bit, but never a quad.